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Welcome to Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue!

HDDCR is an all-volunteer, 501c3 registered non-profit rescue that rescues dogs and cats in need throughout Michigan and beyond its borders, to Ohio and other states depending on the need.  We pull from rural shelters where adoptions are few and kill rates are high. We focus on 'urgent' lists and those dogs and cats that are overlooked because they are unattractive, older or sick. We believe that every animal should have a second chance at a loving home; even if that loving home is in a hospice situation. We exist and rely solely on the generosity of our donors and our hardworking volunteers.

Your donation helps us provide the animals in our care happier days!

 For a limited time only, we have special adoption fees available for the following dogs and cats: 

 Please click on the link next to the pet for more information.

Highlighted Animals
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Hi, please let me introduce myself, my name is Sarah and I am a Lab/Jack Russell Terrier. I am house trained and crate trained, and love to go more about Sarah
Brodee is a handsome, friendly guy that absolutely loves to cuddle. He does well with other dogs (with proper intro), loved his foster mom's more about Brodee
  Hello there! My name is Bentley. I’m super handsome, I know. Just look at this tri-colored coat!   I’m a young more about Bentley
  Bart ❤️
  Bart is a 8 yo Chihuahua mix with a cute underbite. Bart has been mistreated and just wants to be loved and treated with kindness and more about Bart ❤️
Mango is a sweet but shy cat.  He does not really like to be carried, but once he adjusts he loves being pet. In fact, he grabs your more about Mango
  Blueberry ❤️
Blueberry is a sweet kitty, but requires a special diet of hydrolyzed food due to suspected inflammatory bowel disease.  She is a more about Blueberry ❤️
Poppy, is sweet and loving, with a quiet meow and a big purr, who likes to lay in warm laps and have her ears rubbed. She loves more about Poppy
 Amos is a Chow Mix and he’s somewhere around eight years old.  Amos loves people and he is very affectionate. Amos came to more about Amos
Felicia was found roaming the property of a fellow rescue volunteer that lives in Imlay City.  Felicia had suffered a severe tail injury and more about Felicia
Lance is an active happy one year old pup that now is able to walk several miles a day, run, jump, and do pretty much everything a normal dog will more about Lance -❤ STORY OF LOVE & DETERMINATION
Meet Gabby. She is about 14 years old.  She came to Happy Days after her owner passed away.  Gabby is a very big feline at 22 pounds and is more about Gabby
  C79 Litter-Sweet Sarah, mom
Sweet Sarah has warmed up a lot to her foster family. She does really love getting scratches and pets! She likes to sit next to them all day and more about C79 Litter-Sweet Sarah, mom
Hi, I am Magdalena aka Maggie.  I am a Shepherd-Catahoula Hound Mix with lots of energy and a quick learning style.  I know all sorts more about Magdalena
Diesel does require a physical fenced yard.    Diesel is incredibly sweet, well behaved, eager to please, and loves positive attention. more about Diesel
  C98 Litter-Stephie, mom
Stephie is a pretty polydactyl kitty.  Stephie is a very sweet cat who loves to sit next to you. She loves to have her ears scratched and be more about C98 Litter-Stephie, mom

If you are 65 years old or older and looking for a companion animal, look no further!

Consider our  Senior For Senior program. Seniors can adopt a senior companion animal for half price. Our animals are all vetted prior to adoption and if you are no longer able to care for your companion animal due to hospitalization or moving to a nursing home we will accept the animal back into our foster program.

Research has shown that adopting a companion animal has benefits beyond the obvious one of companionship: 
  • Companion animals can help improve one's mental and physical well-being. Petting your companion animal is a soothing experience with the benefits of lowered stress levels and blood pressure.  
  • SeniorW/DogCompanion animals provide friendship for lonely individuals and provides opportunities for interactions with others. This may be especially important to the older adult whose family lives far away.
  • The company a companion animal provides has been proven to reduce depression by giving the older adult a purpose and sense of being needed by focusing on the care and needs of the companion animal.
  • The senior citizen home is usually a quieter environment with a consistent routine, Ideal for the senior animal looking for a similar environment.
  • Senior animals are often gentle and calm, more low-key and often are already trained.
Meet our available senior companion animals!