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I would love you more than you can imagine.
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Rescue ID: LAN110118
Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
Adoption Fee: $285.00
Species: Dog
Breed: Boxer / American Bulldog / Mixed (short coat)
Learn more about the Boxer.
Pattern: Patches
Sex: Male (neutered)
Current Size: 64 Pounds
General Potential Size: Large
Current Age: 7 Years 5 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Slightly Active
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Only
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: No
Housetrained: Yes
Microchipped: Yes


Lance is loving, treat motivated, goofy, eager to please his hoo-mans and has the biggest vocabulary of any dog I’ve ever encountered—his vocal arias are amazing, from tiny soft squeaks to big base notes. Most of his talk is about treats and food, and how he would like more of it.

He loves to snuggle and get ear skritchies.  He adores his blankies, warm jammies, coats and hats. He also has his own stash of favorite stuffies. He loves helping pre-wash the dishes and working out in the barn every morning. He is very well trained. He has commands for going to his mat, as well as putting on his “fancy pants” —more on that below. He is an amazing dog looking for the bestest home ever.

Lance came to rescue as a pup, with an injury that prevented him from using all four legs.  But nobody told Lance that. He began to stand, walk, sit, jump and eventually to run and do play-bows like any other normal dog.  Lance’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

We think that his injury was caused by a human, as this was common to see in the area where he came from --San Antonio, Texas.  Around the time we got Lance, another adult dog was locked in between two gates at the neck and his head was beaten severely with a stick. He hung that way for several hours before Animal Control arrived. As a puppy, we think Lance's head was likely put/stuck under a gate, and he struggled to free himself, damaging his spine and lower leg bones in the process. We did not think Lance deserved to die because of what had happened to him.

His spinal injury is at T-3, right in front of the shoulder blades. It is covered with a protective layer of thick scar tissue, and according to the Rehab Vet, it should not be able to be dislodged.
But, active play with other large dogs and where humping and T-boning from the side could re-injure him.  Lance lives with other dogs, but we manage his play and interactions carefully.
Lance must be walked using a gentle leader head collar, as a regular collar/harness would put too much pressure on his injury site, which is just behind where a regular collar would sit.

Nerves begin to heal at 18 months out from the injury, so this pup has been working on gaining strength in his hindquarters.  He has superb neck and shoulder development and muscular rear legs, but he has a little bit different stance when viewed from the side. When he walks and runs he has his own style of movement, due to his crooked limbs. His nickname here is “Launch" because he can jump to amazing heights, and bounces around when he gets excited. He can jump up on the couch with ease.

So, how is it that this Superpup has not found his forever home?  Well, you see, it’s his pooper.

Lance sometimes has issues with poop control, sometimes when he is asleep.  His nerves are still regenerating, and he is 80% successful, but poop happens. He goes out for short walks several times a day.  It is becoming rare for him to have an accident inside the house, of any variety. He has gone from zero control over his bowels and urinary tract to almost complete recovery. 

Lance has worked hard on his potty training. He is about the equivalent of a 5-6 month old pup.  We use belly bands when we know there will be lots of excitement, and Lance is trained to go to his mat and wait to put on his “fancy pants” whenever we ask.

We are looking for an extra special home for Lance:

A positive but firm training style is a must.  Lance is a gentle soul at heart, but he can become overwhelmed and frightened sometimes. He can also be protective of his home, e.g. he barks at jumps up when the UPS man makes deliveries. At home, he can be reactive to vehicles, but when at events located on busy roads and in parking lots with traffic, he has exhibited no reactivity.

Previous Bully Breed experience is strongly preferred, and you need to have owned a dog before. Patience and knowledge of how to care for an older or debilitated dog are very important.  There are things that Lance cannot physically control, so management and routine are very important.

The best home for Lance would be willing to commit to swim/underwater treadmill therapy, and be prepared to do maintenance of Lance’s joints in the future should arthritis set in. If you have a swimming pool, this could be done at home. Another option would be an inflatable pool in summer, and swim at an Animal Rehab Center in the winter. 

Right now we use turmeric, fish oil, and other supplements, but in the future Adequan injections and other supportive measures may be needed to keep him comfortable.

Lance is a country mouse, and is looking for a Zen Garden type of home.  An older or calm female large breed dog of the same age might be a match. Lance currently lives with L/XL male dogs with no issues. He would love at least one doting human of his own, but no young children please.  Teens are okay, as long as they are dog savvy. Lance enjoys car rides and wears a harness.  He loves going out to pet stores and has visited home depot.  He loves getting attention from everyone. He has behaved very well at crowded adoption events. He has learned to ignore cats.

A doggy door into a secure yard, an expen or gated area inside on non-carpeted surfaces for ease of clean up, soft washable bedding and/or litter box system would be great tools to help Lance continue to work on his potty control.

Lance eats premium dog food and raw dog food. His digestive system does best on that diet and we are willing to provide education and support to help you continue this diet. Lance must be kept lean in order to reduce pressure on his joints. He cannot be allowed to become overweight.

So, if you are the unicorn home described above, please send in your application. 

If you are not the right match for Lance, please consider becoming a sponsor. Or perhaps send him a toy.  He loves his stuffies and woobies very much.

Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue microchips all dogs and cats before adoption. Microchips are implanted between the shoulder blades and are another form of identification should the animal get lost. The microchips are registered to    Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue. The adopter's information is added once the adoption is complete. The adopter is responsible for a $19.99/Year registration fee or a $45.00/Lifetime registration fee to change information.    Dogs and Cats still need to have collar with tags should they get lost.


Other Pictures of Lance -❤ STORY OF LOVE & DETERMINATION (click to see larger version):