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Name: D92 litter Adobe
Rescue ID: D220090
Status: Adopted!
Adoption Fee: 300
Species: Dog
Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Husky / Mixed (medium coat)
Learn more about the German Shepherd Dog.
Sex: Male
Current Size: 16 Pounds
General Potential Size: Large
Current Age: 1 Year 2 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Only
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes
Microchipped: Yes

Adobe is a very sweet, friendly little boy who could be quite big when grown!! 

****Update 10.1.22*****

Adobe has really become a delightful little clown of a puppy. His default mode is to roll on his back for belly rubs any chance he can get- even if it happens to by while you are trying to put his harness on. A few moment of loving will usually get him right back on his feet and ready for action. Adobe responds beautifully to the use of a soft voice, treats and favorite toys.

He greatly prefers to 'observe' new situations before wanting to dive in and explore. And he often will look to his person for reassurance in a new environment. 

He enjoys going on outings to parks and other fun places, but has been known to get carsick on occasion- so just be ready for a bit of cleanup when necessary. Once at the fun place, though, he is happy to romp on a long leash or head out on a fun walk or hike. 

Adobe has a very sweet and somewhat shy personality and will love a family who is excited about moving at his speed and comfort level. 

****Update 9.25.22*****

Adobe's littermate has now been adopted and we have had some time to get to know this little boy without the crazy antics of his sister distracting from his true, sweet personality. Please see the main description below for a more up-to-date profile on this fuzzy lil dude. 

****Update 9.21.22*****


Adobe has recently been introduced to several friendly neighborhood dogs of different sizes and ages and it appears as though the best play match for him initially will be a calmer dog buddy who is known to be gentle with puppies but who is also playful. Adobe seemed a bit frightened and overwhelmed when playing with another puppy (6 months old) who is friendly with other dogs but who also came on a bit too strong for him. 


****Update 9.13.22: *****

We have noticed recently that Adobe shows a tendency towards dry, itchy and flaky skin (under his fur). We’re not sure at this point if he has an allergy of some kind or is simply still responding to the poor diet he was on before he came into the rescue. At this point, we are currently using a medicated shampoo with him a few times a week and adding a fish oil supplement to his puppy food. Hopefully,this will help resolve the problem, but Adobe will require a family who can stay on top of the situation and who are prepared and excited about helping him to be the healthiest boy that he can be.  


All About Adobe:

Our best guess is that he may be a Shepherd/Husky mix (or something similar) so if you are looking for a sweet, feisty little pup who is extremely cuddly and also has more of a medium energy level then he may be a perfect match for your family! 


When you hold him, Adobe will usually melt into your arms. Then, when you finally put him down, he’ll bounce right back with his butt wiggling and roll right over to offer his belly for even more loving! So far, he hasn't really shown too much of the ‘independence’ often found in husky mixes. Instead, he loves to follow along right next to you, happy to do whatever fun things you have in mind. 


Although he is comfortable hanging out in a puppy playpen with an attached crate for naps and ‘down time’, Adobe really adores attention and would much prefer being right by your side. He will likely need some gentle help to be able to settle happily in a space by himself and will definitely not do well if left alone- at least initially. 


Adobe enjoys meeting most new people so far (although he can sometimes be a bit barky at first) and enjoys running and playing with other dogs who are laid back and known to be gentle with puppies.  He is also being encouraged to simply ignore and/or to calmly watch other dogs (animals and people) who may be close or walking by. He enjoys hanging out with the human kids and people (men and women) in his foster home and will eagerly bounce right over for petting. Often, he follows his favorite people around the house like… well, a puppy. 


A fence is not required to adopt this sweety IF you have a very solid plan in mind to keep this boy active and busy. (A walk or two around the block every day will **not** be enough to keep him happy and healthy.) 


An active family who loves to spend time with their dogs going camping, hiking or other dog-inclusive sports will have a wonderful time with Adobe! 


Have a dog already? Adobe could do great with a dog buddy to live and play with- just as long as he also gets a whole lot of 'people time' in too. So far, he tends to be quite flexible in his play style (seeming to enjoy both ‘wrestling and pouncing’ as well as ‘keep away’ and ‘chase’ games). 


Along with his sweet personality, Adobe loves nothing more than to cuddle, hang out, play in the grass, eat dirty socks and shrubbery and come running over for treats. 


Adobe is an absolute joy to work with and is very treat/food motivated. He also loves running after squeaky toys and going on car rides to new and exciting places. 


He is currently working on his recall skills, walking with a looser leash, settling quietly when requested to, waiting for permission to go through doors and other basic manners.    


Adobe is doing great going potty outside- often completing his business very quickly with a prompt or two. He also is learning to sit nicely and wait for his food, keep 4 paws on the floor when he wants attention, coming when called over and leaving things alone that he would prefer to eat (like dirty socks).  Since everything is still very new to him, all of this training will likely take quite a bit of repetition and reinforcement for him to become consistent with. 


A family with calmer kids older than 10 will likely be the best fit for this boy.


Living situations that come with breed, size or noise restrictions will not work for Adobe.  


Apartments/townhouses may work, depending on the type, size and location but please keep in mind that Adobe is a  pup who is likely to be on the larger side. He also has a tendency to bark very loudly during play. 


Adobe is coming from a foster home where he has been consistently worked with from day one using hand feeding techniques, treat balls with kibble inside and toys and training games that are designed to encourage puppies to work on self control and to use their minds, scent and problem solving skills. 


Consistent work is put in to encourage positive socialization and friendly adaptive skills. To the extent they are comfortable and able to handle it, the puppies are carefully exposed to the sights/sounds of a busy family household in a more urban environment. (This includes interacting with kids and people of all types, cats, small animals and backyard chickens. As appropriate, they are also carefully exposed to friendly neighborhood dogs and strangers, car rides, walking on different textures and surfaces and desensitized to many othim busy environmental stimuli.))


Please note that our adoption process includes a vet reference check on any current or previous pets you may have (had), a home visit (either performed virtually or in-person) and a 'meet and greet'. There may also be some clarification questions sent for you to answer as well. (These are based on the information you provide in your original application.)


All these steps are to help ensure that our pups are placed into families that will be a good match for their individual needs.


HDDCR requires a spay/neuter contract by the adopter if puppies and kittens in our care are too young for sterilization. This is a form the adopter signs at the time of adoption, confirming that they will get the pet spayed/neutered by a certain date. We will hold a $50 deposit on top of the adoption fee until we receive proof from a veterinarian that the dog was spayed/neutered. The $50 deposit will then be returned to the adopter.‚Äč

Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue microchips all dogs and cats before adoption. Microchips are implanted between the shoulder blades and are another form of identification should the animal get lost. The microchips are registered to    Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue. The adopter's information is added once the adoption is complete. The adopter is responsible for a    $19.99/Year registration fee or a $45.00/Lifetime registration fee    to change information.   Dogs and Cats still need to have collar with tags should they get lost.



Other Pictures of D92 litter Adobe (click to see larger version):
D92 litter Adobe
D92 litter Adobe
D92 litter Adobe
D92 litter Adobe
D92 litter Adobe
D92 litter Adobe
D92 litter Adobe
D92 litter Adobe
D92 litter Adobe
D92 litter Adobe