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D89 litter Pickle's Sponsorship Page
D89 litter Pickle


 Pickle is an adorably sweet little girl who may be quite big when grown! She loves hanging out with her people and cuddling close- offering as many kisses as you are willing to accept! 


We believe that she may be a lab/shepherd mix (or something similar). 

Along with her incredibly sweet and generally laid-back personality, Pickle is also super smart when motivated- easily figuring out puzzles and able to climb almost vertical structures. Hopping (or digging under) a 4 or 6 foot fence is not likely to be a challenge for her once she is grown. 


When you hold her, Pickle will melt into your arms and cover your face with kisses. And when you put her down she’ll offer her belly for even more loving! She loves meeting most new people (although she can sometimes be a bit barky at first) and she adores running and playing with most other dogs of all sizes. 


Pickle can be very creative in figuring out ways to amuse herself if she doesn't get enough exercise or stimulation. But, on a great note- she really enjoys solving food puzzles, sniffing around for kibble and learning new tricks. She would love a separate section in your yard set aside just for digging, too!  


Pickle is an absolute joy to work with and train since she really loves people and treats. She is quickly picking up such lessons as running over to sit next to you in response to a “Who’s That?” prompt when she sees unfamiliar people or dogs; walking with a looser leash when on walks, settling quietly when requested to and offering her paw to “Say Hi!” to new people. 


A fence is not required to adopt this sweety IF you have a solid plan in mind to keep this girl active and busy. (A single walk or two around the block every day is not likely to be enough.) Pickle loves running with other dogs and wrestling and playing chase and ‘keep away’. Having another dog buddy to live and play with could be perfect for her- just as long as she also gets a whole lot of 'people time' in, too. And having a few quiet moments to herself on a regular basis are nice as well. She would be a great companion for long walks or hikes and a great, soft, cozy buddy to cuddle on the couch with afterwards. 


Pickle very much enjoys hanging out with the human kids and people (men and women) in her foster home. She'll run over for petting and may follow her favorite people around the house like… well, like a puppy. But she will need some active supervision initially as her climbing tendencies may often allow her into (onto) places you may not wish her to go. (The kitchen table, for instance.)


She loves to go on car rides and have new adventures but she does have a tendency to get carsick once or twice on the way to your destination. So, just be ready for that with a few paper towels and bags for cleaning up. We have found that she does much better riding shotgun in the front seat then she does in a crate or kennel in the back and she loves to lounge next to you while you drive, getting ear scratches and (usually) falling asleep with her head on the arm rest.  


Pickle has met the pet chickens in her foster home and, although friendly-seeming and curious, she gets very excited when they run around. (The same goes for kitties.) This may mean that she has a higher prey drive that may need to be tempered in order for her to live peacefully and safely in a house with other non-dog pets. 


She is currently doing great going potty outside- often completing her business very quickly with a prompt or two (and it doesn’t help if there is a tasty treat waiting for her inside, too). But this is a work in progress and will still require consistent attention to master. She also is learning to sit nicely and wait for her food, to keep 4 paws on the floor when she wants attention, coming when called over, leaving things alone that she would prefer to eat (like dirty socks) and relaxing comfortably when strange people and dogs walk by.  Since everything is still very new to her, all of this training will likely take quite a bit of repetition and reinforcement for her to become consistent with. 


Because she doesn’t really know her own size and strength, a family with kids older than 5 will likely be the best fit for this gal. She would also love a home with another dog to play and romp with. A calm, confident, older dog sibling could also go a far way in helping Pickle  learn to be more confident herself- assuming that the same dog can also handle the puppy energy she brings along with her. Living situations that come with breed, size or noise restrictions will not work for this sweet pup.  


Apartments/townhouses may work, depending on the type, size and location but please keep in mind that Pickle is a much higher-energy pup who is likely to be on the larger side. She also has a tendency to bark at unfamiliar sounds and noises.


Please Note: Pickle has lived inside with her foster family from the day she came into our rescue.  She has been worked with consistently using hand feeding techniques, positive reinforcement, redirection, treat balls with kibble inside and toys that are designed to encourage puppies to use their minds, smelling and problem solving skills. This foster family works diligently to begin potty training outside and helping their pups to learn as many house manners as possible. This includes (among other things): taking food gently, waiting before going through a door, leaving requested things alone, keeping 4 paws on the floor, sitting for attention, coming when called, walking nicely on a looser leash and greeting new people and other dogs appropriately.  All of the foster pups from this home love to figure out puzzles and generally enjoy relaxing with a good stuffed kong or a frozen licky mat after a  long walk or romp outside.


The family also works very hard to encourage positive socialization and friendly adaptive skills in their foster pups. To the extent they are comfortable and able to handle it, the pups are carefully exposed to the sights/sounds of a busy family household in a more urban environment. (This includes kids and people of all types, cats, small animals and backyard chickens. As appropriate, they are also introduced to friendly neighborhood dogs and people, car rides, different textures and surfaces and other busy environmental stimuli.)


Please note that the HDDCR adoption process includes a vet reference check and a home visit (either performed virtually or in-person). There may be some clarification questions sent for you to answer as well. (These are always based on information you mention in your original application.) Please feel free to let us know if it would be easier for you to answer these questions over the phone instead. We are always happy to offer accommodations!



HDDCR requires a spay/neuter contract by the adopter if puppies and kittens in our care are too young for sterilization. This is a form the adopter signs at the time of adoption, confirming that they will get the pet spayed/neutered by a certain date. We will hold a $50 deposit on top of the adoption fee until we receive proof from a veterinarian that the dog was spayed/neutered. The $50 deposit will then be refunded to the adopter.‚Äč

Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue microchips all dogs and cats before adoption. Microchips are implanted between the shoulder blades and are another form of identification should the animal get lost. The microchips are registered to    Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue. The adopter's information is added once the adoption is complete. The adopter is responsible for a    $19.99/Year registration fee or a $45.00/Lifetime registration fee    to change information.   Dogs and Cats still need to have collar with tags should they get lost.

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